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Short Bio of Professor Euloge Anicet NKOUNKOU

Professor Euloge Anicet NKOUNKOU, Global Professor of Natural Resources and Energy, Guest Expert & and Speaker at the several Universities around the World, is the First Philosophiadoctor in International Law of Petroleum, Minerals and Energy. The Doctorate thesis topic: ¨Contractual and Extracontractual Modes of Legal stabilization, substantive and procedural of transnational Oil and Mining Investments¨ (600 pages). He is The  DIRECTOR OF INTERNATIONAL CENTRE OF RESEARCH ON NATURAL RESOURCES AND ENERGY (ICRNRE-CIRRNE). Pr. Euloge Anicet Nkounkou is teaching Constitutional Law; Medicine and Ethics Law; Common law of Contracts; Law of Media, Press and Journalism  International Environmental Law & Policy. He is supervising several projects of students in their area of specialization.

Prior this he worked as International Expert in renewable energy and International Negotiator of Treaties, The price of Brent Crude (Barrels of Oil), Gas and Exploration-Exploitation of Contracts of Natural Resources with Gareth Consulting - a Firm specialize in natural resources around the World.  Before that position he worked as a Special Advisor at the Office of the Dean of African diplomatic Corps represented 34 African Countries in Canada. Since August 2011, he was responsible to advise and assist the Dean of African diplomatic Corps in Energy investments special cases. He was also appointed with Ultramar, the subsidiary of Valero, US Oil Company as Manager. Before this position, Pr. Nkounkou worked as Researcher and Legal Associate Fellow to the Department of the Natural Resources to the Centre of International Sustainable Development Law (CISDL) affiliate with the Faculty of Law of the McGill University works in cooperation with a network of developing country of faculties of law, and is developing closer ties with University of Cambridge Faculty of Law. He was responsible to assist the CISDL with Natural Resources Law projects; Legal Research in Renewable Energy; Climate Change; protection of environment; and International Law Sustainable development.

Finally he worked as International Consultant and during four years, have assist investors and Companies with legal advices concerning international commercial arbitration (London Court of Arbitration, ICC, and Stockholm Court etc.) and arbitration of the treaties (the Rules of North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), International Centre of Settlement Investment Disputes (ICSID), European Energy Chapter Treaty (TCE) etc.

He holds post graduate (3e cycle) training in European Law (University of Lausanne, Switzerland 1995). Through the requirements of University Program, he has been conduct research to the European institutions, the European Commission in Brussels (Belgium); the Legal Service of the European Parliament in Strasbourg (France), the Court of Justice of the European Union (Luxembourg) as Researcher Fellow. Passionate law of the European Community, he participated in the creation of the single European Currency, the ECU as book money that will become the Euro under the influence of Germany at the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in Basel.

Pr. Nkounkou holds also Master’s Degree in Business Law & International Trade (University of Montreal (2002); With this new expertise, he became a specialist projects and contracts, the field of public-private infrastructure under the formula Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) and related, include telecommunications, railways, stadiums and Olympic villages, roads, highways, power lines, high tension, hydroelectric dams, shopping centers, toll bridges, public facilities turnkey etc. financed by the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, national, regional and continental development Banks.

Pr. Nkounkou graduated in Philosophiadoctor (the first PhD in the World) in International Law of Petroleum, Minerals and Energy (University of Laval, Canada 2011). His doctoral thesis (600 pages) treat the area relatively unexplored in International law of Petroleum, Minerals and Energy. Furthermore, the contribution made in the interest of protecting the rights of oil and mining companies in the World.

In addition, he holds two certificates in International Law obtained in the framework of continuing education. One in International Labour Law issued by the Turin Training Centre (Italy) of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the other in Intellectual Property Law awarded by the Academy of the World Organization intellectual Property (WIPO Geneva)

Pr. NKOUNKOU joins several Oil and mining research groups include the Association of International Petroleum Negotiators (AIPN) in Houston, Texas, USA since 2007. In 2009, He was Invited and Participated to the 2009 INTERNATIONAL  PIPELINE SECURITY FORUM HOSTED  by The Ministry of Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) in Collaboration with U.S. Department of Homeland Security (Transportation Security Administration).

On The 25th to 26 January, 2012 he hosted by American Petroleum companies as a speaker for the International Energy Investment Forum in Austin, Texas , USA. In April 2012 he was hosted by UNITED NATIONS (UNCTAD) as an International Expert to speak at the 15th African Oil, Gas and Mines, Trade and Finance Un Conference and Exhibition in Congo-Brazzaville and Doha in Qatar. Exceptionally, the 15th OILGASMINE had been designated as a pre-event to the thirteenth Ministerial Session of United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD XIII) that took place in Doha, Qatar, from 21th to 26 April 2012.

He was also invited as Speaker to the Myanmar Oil & Gas Summit 2013. After Texas, Myanmar, South Africa, Canada, Congo-Brazzaville and Doha in Qatar under the Auspices the UN, on the February 18th, 2014, Dr Nkounkou was invited as an Energy International Expert to Paris, France for a Conference organized by French Association for the Development of Energy in Africa. The topic that he spoke out is: ¨The electrification of Africa-success and factors of progress (Morocco, South Africa, Rwanda and Ghana) and delays (Burkina Faso, Burundi, Togo, Congo-Brazzaville etc.)

Prof. Nkounkou’s intellectual power has no limits, so that Despite its former membership of the Conservative Party of Canada, the Liberal Party of Canada, when Canada150, invests him as Moderator in Ottawa to lead the debate on the central issue of Canada's energy leadership in the World and North American area. At the same time, the President of United States of America, his Excellency Barack Obama hosted him as political lieutenant of Campaign in 2012.

Recently, (April 2014) the World Bank, through its program of support to States in the Mining sector (PDSEM) called upon the Expertise of Pr. Nkounkou, in International law Petroleum, Mining and Energy to deliver a seminar training under the topic: ¨Policies and mining contracts¨. This Seminar concerned executive’s three departments in West Africa, the Ministry of Mines and Energy; the Ministry of Economy and Finance; and the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of Republic of Burkina Faso.

In April 2014 again, UNCTAD called upon the expertise of Pr. Nkounkou to deliver a speech on how to build a new Global Oil and Mining Tax System and control the transparency of Oil and Mining trading, at the Palais des Nations in Geneva Switzerland. In September 2014, Pr. Nkounkou was invited by the Woods Institute of Environmental Studies for Stanford University in Washington DC to participate to the Forum on Climate Change at the preparatory UNConference on Climate Change in New York in 2014.

Pr. Nkounkou was invited by United Nations to participle in multidisciplinary academic World Investment Forum organized by UNCTAD which took place in Geneva on 13-16 October 2014. The Conference was the central academic platform with the 2014 world Investment Forum. Its objective is to facilitate collective, multidisciplinary brainstorming aimed at developing a shared vision and shaping the future research agenda for investment in sustainable development.

In December 2014, The United Nations call again the expertise of Pr. Nkounkou to understand the new link between business and human Rights. Indeed, The United Nations Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights pleased Pr. Nkounkou to participated and bring the valuable contribution to the third Forum on Business and Human Rights, held in Geneva, Switzerland, from 1to 3 December 2014. The Topic in Plenary sessions was: ¨Leadership view on business and human rights: what next and how?¨ And in Parallel sessions the Topic was: ¨Moving forward on business and human rights: initiatives, interaction and governance arrangements.¨ Professor Euloge Anicet Nkounkou is teaching Constitutional Law; Medicine and Ethics Law; Law of Media, Press and Journalism; Common law of Contracts; International Environmental Law and Policy.


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